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Would you like to turn performance plateaus, or areas where you are not performing at your best, into performance peaks?

At Business Brilliance, we empower you to accomplish your goals and achieve new workplace heights in an effective, healthy way.

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Having the chance to refocus my business has helped me to not only see beyond the glass ceiling but to put some huge cracks in it!


Therapist, author and lecturer


Data analyst

Lori gave me the tools to define my future and fulfil it. Thank you for helping me get my sparkle back.

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

Lori's structured and focused sessions provided valuable support to our staff, resulting in increased stability and positive forward thinking.


Charity director

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I-AM-I™️ - Intentional Applied Mindfulness Integration 

Harnessing the Power of the Mind to Overcome Performance Plateaus

Mindfulness Activation

A seven-step programme designed to help you overcome a performance block using the I-AM-I methodology. This programme is ideal for high performers wanting to develop self-awareness by learning how to apply mindfulness to accomplish a goal.

Click here for programme information.

Brilliance Activation

A 30-step programme designed to help you turn performance paralysis into business brilliance using the I-AM-I methodology. This programme is ideal for self-motivated high performers who are committed to expanding workplace performance by increasing self-awareness.

Click here for programme information.

VIP Brilliance Activation

This programme is for high performers who are serious about increasing self-awareness and developing business brilliance in the process. The programme includes the Brilliance Activation programme plus 3 live group coaching sessions.

Click here for programme information.

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