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I-AM-I Explained

#business performance #corporate mental wellbeing #corporate mental wellbeing strategy #leadershipdevelopment #mindfulleadership #mindfulness #workplace mindfulness #workplace performance Apr 26, 2022

Hello! I’m Lori West, founder of Business Brilliance, and I empower people like you to take charge of your career. I do that by showing you how to master your mind.

Welcome to Video Four of my workplace perspective spring cleaning series.

You may be wondering how my methodology works.

You may be thinking you have kind of got it, but you could do with a little explanation.

Maybe you don’t care. You just know it works!

Well, I thought I’d take some time to explain to you my thinking and experiencing behind the I-AM-I methodology.

Let’s start by looking at the acronym.

I-AM-I stands for Intentional Applied Mindfulness Integration.

Intentionality guides your will towards the accomplishment of something.

Applied Mindfulness means that you actively connect with yourself to accomplish something. 

Integration offers you the means to align your thoughts, emotions, feelings, sensations, attitudes, behaviours and actions to accomplish something.

When you reflect back on last week’s video exercise, you may notice that I asked you to choose an area of your working life that you know needs a refresh.

And I recommended that you perform the exercise with the intention of cleaning up your perspective around it.

Why is this important?

Your brain thrives on clarity. 

The clearer you can be with your communications, even the internal chatter you have with yourself, the better able your brain is to galvanise the nervous system to accomplish that goal.

That’s step one.

Applied mindfulness is the conscious, intentional application of mindfulness to bring full awareness to a particular problem. 

Consider that hearing your thoughts is not enough.

Your thoughts are the source of every experience you have, including the emotions and sensations you feel in your body.

Mindfulness really requires you to be present to the entirety of your experience at all levels, not just thought or emotion or bodily sensation. 

Your neurological system, made up of the brain, the spinal cord, the eyes and the nerves, touches pretty much every part of your body. 

Being full of mind means you are in touch with and aware of it all.

That’s step two.

Step three is integration.

Now, you may notice something interesting about this step. You already had an integrated set of thoughts, emotions, feelings, sensations and behaviours associated with the area of workplace performance you wanted to clean up.

These are called neural pathways.

Why do these neural pathways need cleaning?

Consider that they were a series of points along a neurological journey that provided you with an experience. These journeys may be familiar, but they are not necessarily ideal.

The mistake a lot of people make is trying to create an ideal experience on top of an already-existing experience.

This rarely works, because the already-existing experience, composed of a familiar neural pathway, is much more entrenched. 

Why? Well, it’s been there for a long time, it’s familiar, and it’s often routed in a survival story.

Given your brain is hardwired for survival, a very strong instinct, you may find it difficult to let go of certain ways of being.

It’s vital that you clean this out first by breaking it down, or reverse-engineering it step by step, removing it from your body and mind.

Once you’ve cleared it out, you then set about re-engineering a neural pathway that is more likely to create a desired experience.

How does the breath help? As well as managing the oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in your body, it carries life-force, the conscious energy that enlivens the universe, bringing it into being.

Using the flow of your breath enables you to direct your consciousness to the areas of your body that need attention. 

Guiding the life-force to particular areas of your body helps you renew both your body and your mind. Refresh it. 

A bit like a good spring clean!

How you re-engineer the pathway is also important. The language you choose to use in particular will have a profound effect on the outcome of the pathway.

It’s a little like building a bridge. Engineers don’t just randomly choose their materials and the design. While there may be some room for experimentation, they must make a bridge fit for purpose.

The same is true with a neural pathway. The good news is that it’s much easier than a bridge to deconstruct and reconstruct.

And the power is in your hands.

We’ll look at the importance of language in a future series. I’ll show you how to use language to get the best out of your brain.

By the way, this technology is brilliant for building mental wellbeing in workplaces. It’s also an amazing technique to support leaders to use their power effectively and appropriately.

If you think your company might be interested in adding these techniques to their corporate mental wellbeing or leadership development programmes, please get in touch!

In the meantime, share what you discover by popping your thoughts in the comments or DM me.

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I look forward to working with you!

Until next time... be brilliant!

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