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What's the Rub with Reporting?

#empowerment coaching #lovetohate #mindfulness #peace of mind #success #workplace mindfulness #workplace performance Mar 08, 2022

So what’s the rub with reporting?

What’s the rub with anything you do in life, whether it’s the workplace, your home life, your relationships?

Stop for a moment and consider what it is you hear when I say, “What’s the rub?” If you’ve got a pen and paper handy, write down what comes up for you.

Now, let’s dissect what I mean by rub. The definition of the word ‘rub’ is “to apply pressure and friction to a surface.”

Consider that if you have an aversion, even a hate for something, you’ll feel pressure and friction when that thing is present.

And what can pressure and friction create? The experience of discomfort. Too much pressure and friction can cause damage.

Imagine exfoliating your face with sandpaper. Not a good idea, right! The skin on your face is delicate. It’s important to take care of it, given the face is the part of your body people see most.

Now, your aversion to reporting may not be causing your career to crash and burn just yet, but it may be leaving you with a few unwanted blemishes on your career scorecard.

And who’s keeping score? Well, probably no one officially, but people make mental notes of things they observe about others. So do you.

Are you keeping track of your own career scorecard? If so, how? If not, why not?

It’s like this: anything you hate creates pressure, friction and discomfort, doesn’t it? And despite what you may think, people can see it in you. 

The vital thing is that YOU start to see it in you. Why? Well, when you recognise and own it, you can do something about it.

Do you want to live your life seeing something like reporting, an important business task, as a ‘necessary evil?’ 

I hope the answer is no!

Would you like to find another way to approach reporting, creating an attitude that could help you transform your whole approach to it?

I trust the answer is yes!

Look, you may never love reporting, but removing the rub will at least stop the feelings of discomfort. And that in itself gives you peace of mind.

We all need more peace in our working lives, don’t we? 

From peace springs power. 

That’s what I aim to give you with this video series on reporting. You fancy that?

OK, tune in next week, when I’ll share the results of the poll with you, and I’ll start to lift the lid on what’s really causing the friction around reporting.

If you feel happy to share what you discover, pop it in the comments or DM me.

And let me know if you’ve found this of value.

See you next week. In the meantime… be brilliant!

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