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#business performance #corporate mental wellbeing #corporate mental wellbeing strategy #leadershipdevelopment #mindfulleadership #mindfulness #workplace mindfulness #workplace performance Apr 19, 2022

Hello! I’m Lori West, founder of Business Brilliance, and I empower people like you to take charge of your career. I do that by showing you how to master your mind.

Welcome to Video Three of my workplace perspective spring cleaning series.

Last week I asked you to complete a piece of homework, which was to consider which areas of your working life could do with a little cleaning and TLC.

What did you discover?

If you were struggling to come up with something, here are some things you could scrub up to create some sparkle in your workplace performance:

  • Commit to delivering programmes that are effective
  • Stop gossiping about a colleague or boss
  • Apologise for a lack of candour or a mistake that created an upset
  • Speak up and share your ideas in brainstorming meetings
  • Volunteer to take on additional responsibility.

I hope this list has given you some things to consider, but by all means do not be limited by it!

The idea is to help you see what’s possible for you.


Because transformation occurs when you take action to close the gap between where you are right now and what’s possible for you.

It’s important to apply mindfulness in these moments to know where you are AND where you want to go.

Makes perfect sense, right?

So, when you’ve identified the area that you’d like to work on, write it down at the top of a piece of paper. And remember to pause the video whenever you’d like to more time for any part of the exercise.

Take three deep breaths

  • In through the nose and out through the mouth
  • In through the nose and out through the mouth
  • In through the nose and out through the mouth

Bring up a mental picture in your mind of how things look right now. 

  • What are you doing?
  • What are you not doing?
  • What results are you producing?
  • What results are you not producing?
  • What’s the experience of where you are right now?
  • What emotions are you able to recognise?
  • What feelings and sensations are you noticing in your body?
  • Where in your body do you feel them?
  • What specifically do you feel? Is it heaviness? A tightness? A fizzy feeling, like a vibration?

Just notice.

Take your attention to that part of your body. As you breathe in, imagine you are bathing this part of the body in breath, softening and loosening the feelings and sensations.

As you breathe out, feel these feelings and sensations change. 

What do you notice? Is the sensation leaving your body? Is the pressure or the heaviness starting to feel light? Is the fizziness or vibration calming down?

Breathe in and out of this area of your body for a few breaths.

Now, ask yourself, “How would I like to feel in my body about this area of work?” Notice what you discover.

Ask yourself, “What emotion would I like to feel about this area of work?” Notice what you discover.

Ask yourself, “What thoughts would generate those feelings about this area of work?” Notice what you discover.

Ask yourself, “What actions can I take to ensure I continue to think these thoughts and feel these feelings about my work?” Notice what you discover.

When you’re ready, take three deep breaths

  • In through the nose and out through the mouth
  • In through the nose and out through the mouth
  • In through the nose and out through the mouth

Pause the video, and take a moment to write down what you discovered during that session.

Notice if there are any actions to take that immediately spring to mind.

Notice how you feel.

Does your mind feel clear?

Ask yourself what benefits doing a little perspective spring cleaning will have on your workplace performance and overall experience. 

Take some time to wonder about the possibility of investing in leadership development that promotes responsibility as a facet of mental wellbeing.

Imagine how your company culture would look by basing your corporate mental wellbeing strategy on programmes that are easy-to-use, practical and effective for everyone?

Write down what you notice.

This provides you with a sample of what’s possible when you regularly apply mindfulness to your working day.

As you can see, it doesn’t take major shifts to make a difference. 

Notice what happens for you over the next week, and join me for the final video in the series in which I share some of the secrets about how this works.

In the meantime, share what you discover by popping your thoughts in the comments or DM me.

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I look forward to working with you!

Until next time... be brilliant!

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