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A Window onto You in Business

#business performance #empowerment coaching #mindfulleadership #mindfulness #reporting #workplace mindfulness #workplace performance Mar 28, 2022

Hello, my name is Lori West, founder of Business Brilliance, and I empower people like you to take charge of your career.

I want to welcome you to Video Five, the final video in our series on reporting.

In this video, I am going to give you my perspective on reporting, and it may not be something you’ve considered.

Your attitude to reporting is reflective of your attitude to your business as a whole.

How can that be?

Think of it this way. If you’re a person who tends to report inaccurate, often inflated results in a report, where else are you being dishonest in your business?

If you’re the kind of person who grumbles every time you have to write a report, where else are you grumbling and what impact is your complaining having on you and those with whom you work?

If you’re the kind of person who dips in and out of reporting when you feel like it, how committed are you really to being brilliant in business?

And if you’re the kind of person who denies the world of reporting, then how can you possibly manage yourself in business?

You see, reporting provides a window onto your business, but it also provides a window onto you in your business.

Facts and data keep you firmly in touch with reality. They help you understand what’s working and what’s not working. This helps you know where to focus more of your efforts and where to shift your strategy to expand and improve results.

Reporting helps you not just manage your business success, but it also empowers you to govern your own actions in business.

Reporting enables you to be a leader in your business.

And it’s important that you keep reporting in perspective. I know a lot of people in the corporate world who are fed up with endless reporting and accountability.

And let’s face it. The corporate world does sometimes bog people down with endless reports.

On the other hand, the reporting keeps you accountable for your own personal performance, and in turn, it enables the organisation to be accountable for its performance to key stakeholders like customers and shareholders.

Your performance is a key part of that, whether you realise it or not.

I recommend you bring balance to your attitude towards reporting.

Remember that balance is a dynamic experience. Even something that seems perfectly poised and stationary makes constant micro-movements to maintain its illusion of stability.

How do you do that? By toning down each of the ways of being above and applying them to your new reporting attitude.

Taking each in turn, let’s explore how it might look.

  • Acknowledge yourself honestly for the things you’ve done well and the things that need work. We’re all a work in progress.
  • Pivot the complaint into an opportunity. Knowing what’s not working helps you define what would work. Use it to your advantage.
  • Commit to reporting at regular times throughout the week. Bringing commitment and integrity to reporting creates trust — with yourself and with others.
  • Step into the role of self-manager. Reporting is an important function that all good leaders value.

And here’s a way to get real about reporting that doesn’t have to take loads of time AND will completely turn around your conversation about reporting.

Time yourself. How long do you spend thinking about reports and compare it with the time it actually takes to complete the report?

You’ll soon discover how much time you can gain back when you give up your disempowering conversations and get into action.

And here’s my final trick: eat the frog first. Now, I’m not offering you a dietary recommendation here. It’s a technique developed by well-known leadership guru Brian Tracy.

How does it relate to reporting? Well, if reporting is the thing you love to hate, do it first thing in the morning, when you are least resistant.

Tackling something that you resist, before the resistance is able to build up, sets you up for a full day of accomplishment.

It feels good to tick those boxes and take those tasks off your to-do list.

Combine this with a short breathing exercise, getting yourself present to the thoughts, emotions, feelings and sensations that you created in the previous video, and you are onto a winner.

Consider the impact changing your attitude to reporting creates in other areas of your life, too.

You hate working out? Take yourself through the video series, using the theme of working out, and see if you can transform the rough workout sand into smooth workout glass.

If you want to share what you discover, pop it in the comments or DM me.

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Until next time, keep breathing, keep reporting and... be brilliant!

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