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Your Being Affects Your Doing

Feb 15, 2022

Hello, my name is Lori West, founder of Business Brilliance, and I empower people like you to take charge of your career.

Did you know that your Being Affects your Doing?

Yep, you heard that right. Your being affects your doing. What does that mean?

Well, if we agree that doing suggests taking actions, we might also agree that being suggests the context within which we take those actions.

Are you mindful of the context you’re creating around the topic of self- assessment?

Allow me to elaborate.

Context is the situation or the environment within which an action occurs. 

When we think of words like situation and environment, we often think of something external.

While your being-ness can be impacted by external stimuli, it is more directly impacted by your internal context.

So, what creates internal context? 

The words and phrases you use that assign meaning to the topic of discussion, in this case self-assessment.

Make sense?

So, if you want to understand the context within which your approach to assessment lives, you must be able to hear the thoughts and words you use when you consider the word assessment.

How do you do that? By applying mindfulness of course!

Mindfulness enables you to catch the thoughts and the meaning you give to assessment. 

You start to recognise how your thoughts influence your state of being around assessment.

If you see assessment as a beneficial thing, you’re more likely to engage in it. But if you see it as a detrimental thing, you’ll find all sorts of reasons to avoid it.

So, what’s the context of your being when you think of assessment?

How do you think this is affecting your doing, or the actions you take, with regard to assessing your workplace performance?

How, in turn, is this affecting the results you produce?

If you have a notebook and pen handy, jot down what you discover as you consider these questions.

Pause the video to give yourself the space to record your answers.

Share what you discover, either in the comments or by DM. And give the video a like if you found this of value.

Next week, I’ll show you how to transform your context through a simple applied mindfulness technique.

See you next week. 

In the meantime... be brilliant!

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